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Meet Janina Tregambe our passionate creator

“In the quiet moments of self-care, we nourish not just our bodies, but our souls. Intimate wellness isn’t just about physical health; it’s a celebration of self-love, authenticity, and the beauty that blooms when we embrace nature’s gifts. freshYou believes that every drop of our natural oils whispers a promise—to nurture, to heal, and to empower You to be Your most confident You. Because when we care for ourselves, we create ripples of well-being that touch lives far beyond our own.” Janina💚 ✨

Janina, is the heart and soul behind freshYou, personal hygiene and intimate wellness was of always great importance to her, she embarked on a journey fueled by a need after living her own experimental experiences, from a teenager navigating through puberty, to becoming sexually active, to birthing Son's and juggling life, family, career, dating, traveling, you know how it is 😌

In the cozy confines of her home, Janina delved into extensive research, seeking wisdom from ancient natural traditions and modern science alike blending and trialing varying formulas on herself. Janina’s family and friends became her first testers and when they all started to see the amazing benefits, they urged Janina to share her creation with the world. And so, she did.

Armed with newfound knowledge, she took her home-made elixirs to an all-natural Australian specialised laboratory. There, her oils underwent a magical transformation, becoming commercially formulated.  

Janina is a Mum of two Son’s, coming from an extensive career in finance spanning over fifteen years including senior management and financial planning, most recently working within entrepreneurial business across Australia and Spain, and now, the she is the visionary force behind freshYou, combing years of creative and professional experience to bring You freshV freshD and freshB, as an Australian business, made in Love 💚

Welcome to the freshYou family, we hope You live Your best life. Let’s create magic together! 🌿✨